About DSEL

DSEL provides an opportunity for ministry leaders to grow and learn powerful and practical skills to further your calling. Classes are facilitated by Pastor Jason and other pastoral staff of Discovery. You will learn personal leadership, team leadership, communication, spiritual leadership, and much more!

DSEL classes follow the small group schedule at Discovery, with different classes in each Season for a total of 8 leadership classes.


"I have been in a leadership role in the military, law enforcement, and ministry for many years. DSEL has taught me you can always be a better leader."
Verion Coleman, Discovery Youth Mentor Coach
"DSEL has impacted my life and has really developed the way I view leadership and how I lead. This class will equip you to build your team while multiplying those and building those you. You will learn to have crucial conversations, understanding what it is to be under the covering of godly leadership, the importance of simplicity, understand the importance between a multiplier and a diminished, and so much more."
Daniel Quezada, CRTV Team, Photography Captain

Important Information

Season 1: 3 classes for $150 ($50/month)
Season 2: 2 classes for $100 ($50/month)
Season 3: 3 classes for $150 ($50/month)


Tuesday, January 25th at 6:30pm

Beginning Date

Tuesday, February 8th, 2021

Class Schedule

Tuesday's from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Course Schedule

LEAD 101 Emotional Health

Emotional health is essential to leadership. In this class, we will show leaders how to develop a deep, inner life with Christ, examining its profound implications for surviving stress, planning and decision making, building teams, creating healthy culture, influencing others, and much more. 

LEAD 201 Dealing with Offense

The Bait of Satan exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God–offense. This trap restrains countless Christians, severs relationships, and widens the gulfs between us. Jesus said, “It is impossible that no offenses should come” (Luke 17:1). Although you will encounter offense, you can choose how you will react. As leaders, we must learn to live above and free from offense.

LEAD 301 Leadership Paradigm

Everyone has a paradigm of leadership; a philosophy of what it is and how it is effectively accomplished. Unfortunately, much of our thought process about leadership has been negatively influenced by our experiences and faulty learning. In this course, you will learn what leadership really is, and develop a clear path to grow to new levels. 

LEAD 401 Spiritual Authority

The Kingdom of Heaven is a kingdom of honor and authority. The principles of the Kingdom of God stand in contrast to the kingdom of this world.  In God’s Kingdom, if you can’t be under authority, you can’t have authority.  In this course, you will learn the principles of spiritual authority and kingdom leadership.

LEAD 501 Organizational Leadership

The church is God’s plan to reach people with the hope of the gospel, but how does it work? God is a God of order, not chaos. Throughout the Scriptures, we see the wisdom of planning, strategy, organization, and administration. In this course, you will learn the big picture systems and processes that make the vision clear and effective and help ensure a healthy body of Christ. 

LEAD 601 Team Leadership

Building and leading teams is the heart of leadership. Teams have a unique dynamic and personality and can be challenging to lead successfully. Church teams are even more unique, since we are leading volunteers, not paid work staff that many are used to.  In this course, you will learn the barriers all teams face, and how to promote a healthy team culture that can accomplish great things for Christ.

LEAD 701 Conflict Leadership

Conflict is not a negative thing, but a necessary thing. The goal of leaders is not to diffuse conflict, but to leverage it for growth opportunities. Many people avoid conflict or handle it in destructive ways, but navigating conflict and tension will make or break your leadership. In this course, you will learn how to master conflict communication and arrive at healthy solutions with people and groups. 

LEAD 801 Exponential Leadership

Some leaders can maximize the potential of those they lead, while other leaders have a hard time getting people’s best effort. Likewise, some people are great at attracting followers, but others are great at reproducing leaders. The difference is an exponential leader. In this course, you will learn how to multiply the capacity of those you lead. 


We'd love to help you in your ministry leadership journey!