Unstoppable Mission: Dream Center

Discovery Dream Center

Discovery Dream Center is a beacon of hope and transformation nestled in the heart of one of the most difficult areas of Bakersfield, Union Ave. Dream Center is on a mission to transform the lives of families in our community through the power of Jesus and our commitment to serving with love and compassion.

Who Are We?

Discovery Dream Center Bakersfield is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of our community. Discovery Church operates the Dream Center and has instilled our core mission of Love God, Find Freedom, Love Each Other, and Change the World into all that we do at the Dream Center to create lasting change.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring restoration to families and individuals throughout our most difficult neighborhoods. We will continue our fight against addiction, hunger, fatherlessness and poverty. Through practical assistance, support, and mentorship to individuals and families we will continue to see transformation in our community. We know that through God, all things are possible!

What Do We Offer?

At Discovery Dream Center Bakersfield, we offer a range of ministries to help provide resources to this impoverished community, but more importantly, we are offering love, care and prayer for their lives. The ministries we offer are: Homeless Outreach, Celebrate Recovery, Community Events, & Food Outreach.

Our Impact:

Through the grace of our Christian faith, Discovery Dream Center Bakersfield has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, offering a path to redemption and transformation. We measure our success by the spiritual and tangible transformations we witness as our community members overcome adversity and find renewal in their faith. As of 2023 we have provided resources and care to over 17,000 households and over 51,000 individuals! We know that God isn’t done yet!

Give to Unstoppable Mission: Dream Center

Your support, whether through financial contributions or spreading the word, plays a crucial role in turning our vision into reality. Together, we can bring lasting change, build hope, and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Join us in this incredible journey of transformation. Together, we can uplift communities, empower individuals, and make the world a brighter place—one step at a time. Thank you for being a part of the Dream Center Missions family!