Ephesians | Living in the Overflow of God's Power

Conversation Starters:

  • Would you say you live in more victory in God’s power or in more defeat by the enemies lies? (If living in more defeat, what do you think needs to change in your lifestyle choices so you can live out more victory in God’s power?)
  • Who are you apart from your work? (Why is the truth of this question important for us as children of God? To answer this question, reflect upon your identity in Christ and your lifestyle alignment with that identity.)
  • What does your Kingdom Citizenship mean to you personally? (How should our Kingdom Citizenship be reflected in the lifestyle we lead? How is your lifestyle actually aligned – with God or elsewhere? If not in alignment with God, is there really any other place other than with God that’s safe for us?)


1.) Pastor Jason shared three truths about our Kingdom Citizenship: Ephesians 3:1-13 NIV

As you reflect upon each of the three truths about your Kingdom Citizenship, what conclusions have you come to concerning each truth?

What are your thoughts about what God has saved you from in Christ? (Has this revelation had any affect upon your relationship with God – if so how?)

2.) Pastor Jason shared five principles to living in the overflow of God’s Power:

  • Embrace Divine Imagination: Jeremiah 33:3 and Ephesians 3:20 NIV (See the bigger eternal picture though His eyes, not your own.)
  • Step into Your Divine Assignment: Isaiah 6:8 NIV (You DO have an assignment.)
  • Cultivate a spirit of Radical Generosity: 2nd Corinthians 9:6-8 and Acts 4:32-35 NIV (Freely you have received in Christ, freely give.)
  • Develop Relentless Resilience: James 1:2-4 and Isaiah 40:31 NIV (Never quit and never stop believing in God or His Word.)
  • Practice Bold Declarations of Faith: Proverbs 18:21 and Romans 10:9 NIV (Stand upon the Word and promises of God no matter what.)

Visit each of the five principles to living in the overflow of God’s Power. Are you living out each principle in victory or defeat? (What steps do you need to take to overcome the roadblocks?)

What are some next steps moving forward for you personally to live out each area in more victory? (Identify areas that need to be fully surrendered and resigned.)

Where do you think you need to surrender to God the most so He can do the most in you? (What’s not being fulfilled by God through you because of misalignment(s)?)

Apply It:

    What has God called you to that you’ve yet to say yes to? What are you disqualifying yourself from or have failed to trust God in equipping you for? Are you elevating yourself and personal comforts above the call of God upon your life? What we think should not be leading us in the lifestyles we lead. To the contrary, who God declares we are in Christ should be. Embracing the uphill call of God can seem daunting. Your response to His call will either be your prison for failure and diminished growth, or become your platform to fulfillment and accomplishment for the Kingdom of God and cause of Christ. Examine the five principles to living in the overflow of God’s Power. Have you given your yes to live out each principle? Choose to give your yes, trust God, surrender your will to His Will, then commit to living out each of the five principles as the spirit of God directs you to. His Way is always best. Never doubt it, rather choose to live it out faithfully.

Prayer Requests and Closing Prayer:

Ask your group members if they have a prayer request. Write them down and continue to pray for them during the week:

Father, Your Word says we will know the truth. When we know the truth, it will set us free. Your Word is true Lord God. We have been given authority and power through You that is accessible to us not because of anything we could possibly do in and of ourselves, but because it’s Your gift to us. We have the authority as Kingdom Citizens to bind our enemies, live in victory, and fulfill Your every purpose in our lives. We do all this Father by keeping our eyes upon You, our love for You ever growing, by never forgetting who we are in Christ, and by fixing our hearts upon what’s important to You over self. Have Your way in each of us Lord God. May we surrender and relinquish any and all things that would hinder or disqualify our full service to You. Help us fall in love with what You love Father and place nothing before our love and obedience to You, in Christ we pray, amen.