Corinthian’s Story –

My wife Erica and I were very happy at our church in Monrovia, CA. The Pastor was articulate, the choir was amazing, and the people were kind. We had found a community and a church home there, and we loved it! So you can imagine our disappointment when we knew we were moving away and heading to Bakersfield.

I’m actually a native of Bakersfield and had connections at a church in town already. Once we got moved, we started to attend but ultimately knew it wasn’t the right fit for us and felt that something was missing. This began our search for a new home church, which can be a painful process. Every Sunday we were new to a church in town and every Sunday we left with a sense of frustration in the process. After a discouraging search, my cousin Monique Taylor invited us to Discovery. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with this church and realize it would be our new home! To be able to attend a church with every race, color, size, and shape was refreshing. It was a reminder to me of what Heaven will look like. Our God is the God for all people, all races, and all backgrounds!

My wife and I decided to attend Discovery Track. We were curious as to what Tracks were and we attended out of curiosity with a sprinkle of skepticism but we loved it! In Track Two I took the DISC assessment and one of my biggest strengths is worship. As soon as I saw that, I knew it was on! I’m a drummer and I was “drafted” or “onboarded” to the Dream Team to serve in worship. The next thing I know, the pastors and team members are all telling me how excited they are that I’m joining the team. Little did they know that this was an answer to prayer and a dream come true in my search for a place to belong. Some people praise God with their voices, some with their hands, and some use a combination of the two. My purest praise comes when I’m using my entire body, playing and praising with all of my might and all that is within me. It is my sacrifice of praise to the Lord!

I am so grateful for the gift God has given me and the opportunity to give it back to Him every time I step into that drum booth. I am so blessed that I have found a community in the worship team and that my family has found a church that we can call home.


Story Curator – Jenna Ciecalone