I’d visited Discovery Church and gone to events like their Men’s Movement Conference over the years, but I was already involved at another church. In 2019, I was feeling like I was needing more. I was in prayer and I felt like God told me it was time to go to Discovery Church. Some things caused a delay and I didn’t end up going for two months. When I finally did go, Pastor Shaun was preaching on “The Walking Dead.” I was like, wow, he’s preaching on the very thing I’m feeling right now. It went straight to me. I told Pastor Jason what I was going through and told him that I felt like God led me to Discovery Church. He smiled at me and said, “Welcome Home.”

“That was confirmation from God that it was time.”

I wanted to be a part of a community where we all care for each other and it helps us grow. It really makes a difference! One of the exciting parts about Discovery Church is the small groups. Added with the training for the leaders and outreaches to the needy, it makes Discovery stick out. I’m a single father, so I have to manage my time. Between my work and my daughter, I go to different small groups when I can fit them in and serve where I can.

“Coming here has changed my life and made it so much better.”

Years ago, I made an excuse that I couldn’t go to church because I didn’t have the right clothes. A man told me, “God doesn’t care about your clothes, he cares about your soul.” Discovery Church is like that. People walk around here in sandals and t-shirts. Like Pastor Alisha said, “We’re here to catch the fish, not to clean them. Jesus does that.”

“You’re not going to get judged when you come here.”

 In 2022, I’m hoping to grow closer to God and take on a leadership role. That was something I ran from a lot because leadership comes with weight, but I want to walk in my calling to wherever God leads me. 


John Farland, Productions, Worship and Dream Center Outreach Team Member, Discovery Church member for a year and a half