I made a mistake because I wasn’t in communion with God and He wasn’t the center of everything in my life. I came back to the church and made the decision to commit seven years ago. I’ve been at Discovery Church ever since. One thing that I love about this church, from the pastoral staff, to the leadership, to the dream team, is that it’s a Christ-filled, joyful, life-giving community. 

“I love the heart of the people of this family.”

Coming to Discovery Church is the best day of my week. My social life goes through Discovery because it’s such a healthy group of people. I lead a small group for men as well as attend another, I am a part of Celebrate Recovery, and involved with the outreach for the Dream Center. I love seeing how God touches people when they open their hearts and are ready for God to intervene in their lives.

“They arrive broken and hurting, but they’re redeemed and healed when they leave.”

There is a strong message at Christmas. Each one of us has the light in the darkness to shine Christ’s light. It starts with one light. It’s enough to change the darkness and give hope. When we are filled with Christ’s love, we aren’t supposed to keep it for ourselves. It’s overflowing and everyone here is passionate about loving others. The diversity allows us to minister to various groups from different backgrounds.

“Everyone is really unique and their gifts are valuable.”

In 2022, I’m focusing on being obedient and leaving it up to God. I want to be the best Christian and man of God I can be. As long as God guides me every day, I stay on purpose. I’ve learned to align myself with God routinely. I know that obedience is what’s going to produce an abundance and prosperous year.


Abelardo Sibecas, First Impressions Greeter, Church member for 7 years