Since I started attending Discovery Church when I was in fifth grade, I’ve been serving as a junior helper in the early childhood program, first in nursery and now in the pre-k class. Me and my mom are so much happier since coming to Discovery and we’ve grown closer serving together. I love the kids and I want to make sure they know God.

“When I see their faces and they run up to me with smiles, it’s amazing.”

Discovery Youth is where teens can have their own time with God. My favorite part of youth night on Wednesday is worship. I’ve always loved music and how easily it helps me connect to God. I have made many friends in the youth group over the years and I’ve been able to pray and be there for them. Between all the different activities, the youth leaders have really connected with us. 

“The youth leaders show us they want to be there for us.”

I’m excited for what’s happening at Discovery Church during Christmas. I know there’s going to be a great message, and I love spending time with friends and family.

“I especially enjoy the candlelight worship.”

In 2022, I’m looking forward to a new year and hopefully no more COVID. I can’t wait for the new kid’s building remodel to be finished so we continue to grow as a church. 


Logan Grisham, Discovery Youth member and Early Childhood volunteer, attending Discovery Church for nearly four years.