When I was driving home from work, I kept looking at Discovery Church as I passed by. I knew I needed to go there. One day I convinced my husband to come and we haven’t stopped coming. Every Sunday, the subject fits right into what you are going through. It’s amazing.

“I’ve never felt a peace like I do from coming here.”

My kids come with me to church and are in the kid’s program during one of the services, so I just felt like I needed to serve in another, which is why I work as a team member in the first impressions section of the kid’s ministry. I help out first time visitors, families checking in, giving tours around the kid’s building, and working with little ones that aren’t comfortable in the classrooms. I also help prep the crafts and get ready for the next Sunday.

“I love kids and I have baby fever. This fills that void.”

I’ve been involved in more of the sisterhood small groups, people to talk to and shoulders to cry on. You can talk to others about your hardships and they really guide you through it. Even if you weren’t raised as a Christian, you’re making a decision for your family. God will take you. Don’t hold back and be opened minded. You can come as your are and don’t have to impress anyone. God knows your heart.

“This Christmas, there is going to be a lot of fun activities and exciting memories made.” 

There’s been times where I’ve struggled with mental health where I’ve been depressed. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to get out of bed, but my kids would want to go to church. In 2022, I want my kids to be even more involved in church. They already love it but as they are getting older, I just want them to stay involved. 


Marisol Gallardo, Children’s Ministry First Impressions, almost two year church member