I’ve been a Christian all my life, but I came to Christ when I was about ten years old. I spend a majority of my free time at Discovery Church. My week consists of work, Discovery and bed. I started out playing keyboard predominately, but also play guitar and sing. Additionally, I lead one of the worship teams at Celebrate Recovery. We’ve grown a lot over the course of time. We have to practice a lot, even if we know the songs we have to go over and over them so we’re not nervous about hitting the wrong key or looking at the wrong chords.

“We’re rehearsed well enough that we can just worship and have fun on stage.”

On top of serving on the worship team, I lead the keyboard small group and am a member of a men’s small group. I’ve definitely seen a lot of breakthroughs in the Celebrate Recovery environment. People come there and share their stories and it’s revolutionary. It helps others and helps them stay clean. It was good for me to see and encouraged me.

“God’s not dead. He’s still alive; He’s still there.”

My favorite memory was a Christmas service in 2019. We had a choir and an older song was added and it brought back memories to my past when I first became a Christian. If you’re new to Discovery, prepare your heart for what God has in store for you because our church isn’t like other churches. There’s not something you have to comply with.

“You can come as you are and expect a good future from God.”

In 2022, I’m looking forward to new opportunities at Discovery Church. I’ve been on just the worship team in the keyboard position for a long time. In the next year, I’m transitioning into more of a leadership and mentorship role with our new team members, so we can replicate what we are doing and be more effective.

Kevin Varghese, Worship and Celebrate Recovery Team Member, Church Member for four years