I love all the awesome people that I’ve gotten to know in the year I’ve been at Discovery Church. They’re always there-just a phone call or text away. I’ve made close friends in the women’s groups and had an incredible experience in the mother/daughter Bible study last season. You get to know people on a deeper level and understand their struggles.

“As you live life together, you lift each other up.”

I ended up joining Discovery’s Dream Team when I ran into an old colleague from fifteen years ago at one of the small groups. After spending time with her again, she asked if anyone wanted to serve on her new first impressions team.

“It was the perfect opportunity for me because I had wanted to get involved.”

My favorite memory from Discovery Church is Christmas time last year. I have young nephews, and seeing them light up with joy over the snow was exciting.

“I can’t wait to see how they react this year when we have even more snow.”

 In 2022, I hope that we will see even more growth and bring more people in to make friends. That’s why I like working in the information center. I get to see all the new faces.


~Tabitha Tejeda, Information Center in First Impressions, 1 year church member