Men’s Bible Study: Romans

Day of week & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30
Leader Name: Aris Turner
Location: 7151 Hanover Cir.
Phone: (661) 808-8213

Romans is a key book for the doctrine and theology of the Christian faith. Understanding Romans will not only give us a foundation for our own faith, but also provide guidance as we share the Good News with our community.


Connect and Grow

Day of week & Time: Thursdays @ 6:30
Leader Name: Sherise Castro
Location: NW
Phone: (661) 699-3056

A women’s connect group where we can learn more about each other and grow our relationships through regular contact. Through games, improv and other group exercises, I hope to foster cooperation, trust and admiration for one another. We will be focusing on team building and fun, with a focus on relationships.


Oils and the Bible

Day of week & Time: Tuesdays @ 6:30
Leader Name: Amanda Watson
Location: NW

This sewing group will make small squares with bible verses attached for people who are sick, grieving, or in need of prayer. The squares will be prayed over before being given out to others. 


Women’s Book Study - We Saved You a Seat & Everybody Always

Day of week & Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30
Leader Name: Crystal Tobiasen
Location: NW
Phone: (661) 808-3452

Explore your relationship with Jesus as a model for authentic friendship. Overcome the fear of being know and find the courage to connect. And learn simple and practical steps to love everybody, always, the way Jesus did---including the 'creepy people' who are difficult to love.