Discovery Church
Photography Team
The Vision, Process & Expectations



The Photography Team at Discovery Church exists to glorify God through the support of
Discovery teams, services, and activities, that require photography in some form. We seek to
serve God in excellence in this area so that other ministries are represented in a professional,
artistic and captivating manor.

As Discovery Church continues to expand, so do the opportunities to serve on the Photography
Team. This means photographing various Sunday mornings, serving at different times during the
week depending on seasonal events, and serving at the various Discovery Church branch
locations. We need people who can embody this attitude regularly.

• Serve humbly: We understand that everything we do is by the grace of God and we are
blessed to have the abilities to serve in this specific way.
• Execute with excellence: We seek to always deliver our best effort. Whether it is Easter
Sunday or a small Friday night prayer group, we all are giving our best effort here at Discovery
Church and it is such a great opportunity for us to show that through our photographs.
• Grow continuously: We are never as good as we could be tomorrow. There will always be
something to learn, something to discover. We will seek out opportunities to develop ourselves
The shooting/editing style we seek to embody is: Clean, Innovative, and Realistic
When people look at our images we want them to feel like they are actually sitting there at
church on a Sunday morning or are out serving at the Dream Center. We want to pull people in
with our photographs and invite them in to join us at Discovery Church! We want to inspire
people to get up, get out, and get involved! We want to create a virtual window with our
photographs, giving people a glance at what it's like to be apart of our amazing church.
With editing, skin tones should look natural, neutral and realistic. The original raw photo should
not look too far off from the final edited version, meaning that the editing shouldn’t be too
drastically different from where it started. That’s why it’s so important to shoot correctly in
camera prior to editing, make sure you've exposed correctly and skin tones are visible.
Most importantly we want our photographers to have fun! Push yourself, and explore your skills!
We appreciate your time and abilities and hope that being on the Discovery Photography Team
can further you in your passion and can create amazing portfolio work for yourself as well.

The Discovery Photography team is committed to documenting all special events, activities,
Sunday mornings, and providing photographs for promotional and internal marketing needs.
Wherever our church is serving so will we! Whether that be out at the Dream Center with our
Hotel Ministry or inside our SW building for Worship Night, we are there.
The Photography Team works on rotating bases. Be prepared to serve at least one Sunday a
month. When you are scheduled for a Sunday morning you will be required to shoot the first
service. Scheduling for special events and activities throughout the week will be impromptu with
at least a week notice.
To be eligible for the Discovery Photography Team you must consider Discovery Church to be
your home church having gone through Starting Point. Short of being mandatory, participation in
a Small Group, is greatly encouraged. We are looking for trust-worthy, team-minded people who
are faithful. Maintaining a humble, teachable attitude is very important.
Send an email to Kayla Broadhag at and tell us a little bit
about yourself! How long have you been doing photography? How long have you been at
Discovery Church? Why do you want to be on our team? We will respond within 48 hours and
will schedule a time to meet with you face to face.
Depending on the level you are at with photography, you will either start photographing right
away or you will shadow one of our photographers for more training before you can photograph
solo. If you are accepted to start photographing immediately, we will send you our protocol for
Sunday morning photographing and will talk with you one-on-one for any questions you may
We do not require that you have your own camera to start photographing on the Discovery
Photography Team but we do encourage you to have one if you are thinking seriously about
pursing photography and want to truly grow in it. One of the best ways to excel at photography
is to go out and practice, practice, practice! So we strongly encourage all potential
photographers to get their own equipment and practice shooting outside of church on their own
Below are the current levels for the Photography Team:

• You can show up on time to your scheduled event(s) and photograph with basic knowledge of
the camera settings.
• All skills from Level 1.
• You have your own industry standard editing software at home (Photoshop or Lightroom) and
can turn in fully edited work.
• You have a “good eye” for photography and can produce successful work that documents
various situations and environments.
• You are dependable, reliable, and are available to photograph regularly.
• All skills from Level 2.
• You have a personal camera body and lenses. You possess a wide breadth of knowledge of
photography, lighting and post production. You can be a team player, communicate and
coordinate with other fellow team photographers well, and can teach/shadow other
• You have a well-rounded skill set in photography and can perform your duties in a variety of
challenging environments and produce successful photographs that align with the Discovery
culture. These visual standards are set forth by the Photography Lead, Communications
Director, and Lead Pastor.