Thank you for taking part in this leadership development exercise. This leader is committed to growth and excellence and would value your honest feedback. As someone who is a part of their inner circle, you will be able to provide valuable insight to their strengths and opportunities.  Your information will be kept private, and not be seen by the individual you're scoring.

How to Score

There are 8 categories of leadership we will  be evaluating. Please read the category and the description, then score the individual from 1 to 10,  1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. If you do not have adequate experience  with the individual in a specific area, just make "I don't know".


The person you are scoring is:

Gordon Loo

Your Name *
Your Name
Guidance *
The ability to coach, model, and teach to set others up for success.
Solution *
The ability to problem solve and trouble shoot situations through to a solution.
Vision *
The ability to clearly and articulately connect what we do to the vision continuously, as well as embody and exemplify the vision personally.
Teamwork *
The ability to coordinate and collaborate with other leaders and team members to achieve the best results and generate the best ideas.
Direction *
The ability to set a clear course of action for individual and department/ministry assignments and tasks.
Strategy *
The ability to see and implement steps, processes, and systems to execute the vision.
Communication *
The ability to keep others informed and inspired through verbal and written communication that is both timely and professional.
Goal *
The ability to set goals, be productive, and achieve results.