The DSEL Internship track is designed to build and equip young emerging leaders by offering leadership education and development, ministry experience and training, and pathways to release leaders in their God given callings around the world!

Cost: Free
(Leadership Material Included)


Leadership Education and Development

Interns will attend weekly and monthly leadership workshops and sessions lead by Discovery and staff and guest speakers. Students will grow both spiritually and in their leadership through these various sessions and courses. These session may include leader development sessions, team building projects, and outings to grow relationally.  Students will also be assigned leadership books studies and review them with their cohort.  Finally, students will be assigned to a coach/mentor for guidance and evaluation throughout the program.


Ministry Experience and Training

Interns will serve in a desired department for the majority of their experience. However, 20% percent of their time will be devoted to leadership courses and assigned task throughout the work week.
Departments are as follows:

  • Kids Ministry (k-5)
  • Student Ministry (6-12 grd)
  • Worship Ministry
  • First Impressions
  • Production and Media
  • Discovery Mission Center
  • Discovery Groups


Release Pathways

At the end of the program, interns will have the opportunity to serve in a Lead Role and/or Pastor at at various locations in the Discovery Network. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Discovery Church SW Bakersfield
  • Discovery Espanol
  • Discover Camarillo
  • Discovery NW Bakersfield
  • Discovery Indian
  • Discovery Mission Center
  • Future Network Campuses



  • Application for Enrollment
  • Ages 18-25
  • Internship Orientation
  • Weekly Leadership Roundtable - Wednesdays 1p - 4:30p
  • Monthly Leadership Development Sessions (1st Saturday of the month 10am-2pm
  • 15 Hours per week of Ministry Experience/Work
  • Appropriate Transportation to travel in the community.
  • Assigned Leadership Book studies

Academics (Credential/Courses)

Academic Courses can be taken through our DSEL School of Ministry but is optional for Interns. If Interns desire to be Pastors with a local credential, further information will be given.


Track Length

DSEL Internship Program is One Year commitment. The program will operate within Discovery’s seasonal ministry framework.


DSEL Intern Graduation

Interns who successfully complete program requirements will participate in a Graduation ceremony at the end of the program and receive Certificate of Completion and a celebration to follow.